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Boks need to get back up to speed

As the 2021 British and Irish Lions visit looms, South Africa's players should recover a physical and mental edge, composes previous Springbok chief … Read More
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  • 6 min read time
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Shark attack need home fans for Lions

Sharks CEO Eduard Coetzee has promised the British & Irish Lions that their visit to Durban in 2021 will be delightful away from the … Read More
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English clubs must protect Lions players

UK rugby scribe Daniel Schofield believes English Premiership clubs must provide proper time for rest to its leading players, especially in the … Read More
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British & Irish Lions boss Warren Gatland holds talks with Stuart Lancaster

William Stuart Lancaster is in line for a coaching job with the Lions after holding talks with Warren Gatland. The ex-England boss hasn't coached at … Read More
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British & Irish Lions decision spurs fresh concern for the players’ welfare

The British and Irish Lions have been given the go-ahead to tour South Africa next summer – sparking fresh concern for player welfare. Weeks of … Read More
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